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public affairs

We are connected to leaders across many US cities and states. Our customers gain significant value and leverage from top leadership down and down ensuring powerful results.


This space is of deep interest to us, and we know how to navigate it. Technologies that play in CleanTech have returns of 5x to 10x valuations. We negotiate terms, licensing, financing, sales & distribution agreements. Tailoring each agreement for long-term annuity revenue, and if desired, our clients may expect an exit strategy, merger or acquisition.



consumer goods

We cut our teeth in consumer goods and understand the creativity required. Finesse, strategic structuring, relationship management and, at the end of the day, maximized turns build the value. Merchandising is an art and its worth is profoundly valuable. From big-box retail to online sales, our clients always know the very best product placement means significant revenue growth and that's what we deliver. 

bio waste

A significant problem with increasing daily demand, technologies in this space accelerate quickly with high demand for suitable solutions. We position your solution around strategic customers who must purchase and will compensate your company with a premium price. Intellectual property is a critical requirement to developing value in the bio waste space.                                                                                     

financial services

The business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires advice from leaders who are deeply entrenched in the particulars of sales, financing and risk management. We offer a competitive advantage that can help you save money and make more of it in the long run. We’ve steered corporations with a balance of legal, sales, and financial strategies with clear execution. Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to grow.